Transactional Analysis Professional Assocation Links

International Transactional Analysis Association: The International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) was founded by Dr. Eric Berne in 1964.  It is the leading global organization dedicated to TA.  Conferences are held annually across the world and there is a rigorous TA certification process for practitioners.  Website is in English.

USA Transactional Analysis Association: This is the official website of the USA Transactional Analysis Association, which is the leading organization dedicated to TA in the United States.  Many members of the USATAA are also members of the ITAA.  Website is in English.

European Association for Transactional Analysis: This is the website for the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA).  The EATA is separate from the ITAA but shares similar values. It is dedicated to the promotion of TA in Europe.  Website is in English.

Transactional Analysis Association of Brazil:  Known in Portuguese as “Uniao Nacional dos Analistas Transacionais” this is the official website of the Transactional Analysis Association of Brazil.  Website is in Portuguese.

UK Association for Transactional Analysis: This is the website of the UK Association for Transactional Analysis. Website is in English.

Other Transactional Analysis Links

Eric Berne Archives:  The University of San Francisco serves as the repository for material related to Dr. Berne’s professional life. Included in the archives are old papers and other items. The library is in the slow process of digitizing them.  Visit this site for more information.  Spanish language website with excellent material in Spanish about Transactional Analysis and Eric Berne.  Website is in Spanish.

Dr. Claude Steiner: Dr. Claude Steiner was a student of Dr. Eric Berne in the 1960s and went on to become an accomplished TA Practitioner after Berne’s death in 1970. He wrote many books, including Scripts People Live and Games Alcoholics Play.  Website is in English primarily with limited content in Spanish.

Dr. Thomas A. Harris MD: Dr. Thomas A. Harris was an early devotee of Eric Berne and Transactional Analysis.  He wrote the book I’m OK – You’re OK which simplified TA for the masses. Website is dedicated to his life and is in English.

Living Well 60 Plus: formerly known as the San Fernando Valley Transactional Analysis Training Institute, this organization, run by Dr. Virgil Beasley, uses TA as its guiding principle. Dr. Bailey studied with Eric Berne.

AnalyseTransactionnelle:  French language website devoted to TA and Eric Berne by Jérôme Fargette. Website is in French.

Editorial Jeder:   Spanish language Bookstore specializing in Transactional Analysis books. Website is in Spanish.

Light Works Movies:  This website offers “the essential video on transactional analysis for everyone.”  The DVD is in English and can be ordered through  Not affiliated with the ITAA but it has very good reviews on Amazon.

Links Related to Eric Berne

Eric Berne’s oldest son:  Eric’s oldest son Peter Berne, whom he had with his first wife Ruth Harvey, lives in Berlin. He is an accomplished Opera Coach and is a leading expert on the operatic works of Wagner.

Eric Berne’s only blood grandson:  Eric has only two blood grandchildren – both from his daughter Ellen Berne from his marriage to Ruth Harvey. Nicholas Berne Calcaterra DDS is a dentist in Orange, Connecticut with a focus on IV and Oral Sedation Dentistry and writes extensively about dentistry at his blog, Directions in Dentistry.

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