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The website was first started in 1999 as a tribute to my grandfather Dr. Eric Berne MD.  I did a major overhaul in 2004 adding significant content.  This update was long overdue and was in part a tribute to the death of my mother Ellen Berne, who was Eric’s first daughter.  After this update, the site became the premier destination on the internet for information on Eric Berne.

The site grew a bit stale as static HTML pages went out of style. I then upgraded the site starting on 16 January 2013. As of today, 19 January 2013, the upgrade is approximately 90% complete.  Please excuse any broken links as I am working hard to correct them.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Nicholas Berne Calcaterra

Eric Berne’s grandson.


  1. Like the game, “Look Ma No Hands,” and the “More than Human Imperfect Human Game.” Can anyone name this game? I have seen it
    one particular family for decades. I have titled, it myself, “Child Bride Of The Ozarks.”

    A wife or woman can have any kind of a conflict. Let’s say for example, you are walking down the street, and a drunk comes by and throws a rotten sandwhich at you. The men in this family, would then say that you caused the problem. You were walking down the street, and you must have said something to the drunk, because there so many other persons he could have thrown the sandwhich at except you.

    Another example: Women are talking at the clothesline. One says I wish my husband would quit drinking. The other says, I have the same problem. Neither man wants the other man to find out that he drinks, so they blame the wives for being crazy, and separate the two wives. They say they don’t have drinking problems, and their drinking didn’t cause the problem, their wives did by talking, and they now find it necessary to separate the wives.

    The game appears to be that no matter what happens in the universe, the wife caused it so that the husband can blame the wife and bring up how she should have ALWAYS handed the situation differently, and bring out these scenarios constantly, to try and tear down the wife.

    Husband says, don’t you think I could get 25 people to go against you? Now. I watched youtube clippings of “Child Bride Of The Ozarks,” and this is why I call it this game. The school teacher in the movie comes into the Ozarks and tries to keep the old men (pedophiles) from marrying young women. She wants the girls schooled and educated. The group of men kidnap the school teacher and attempt to tar and feather her.

    Any ideas on this game?

  2. ncalcaterra says

    Thank you for post. Your descriptions fit a predictable pattern. The pattern does not fit any of Berne’s games that I am aware of. However, I am not a certified Transactional Analyst, so I am not necessarily the best resource. Perhaps other more seasoned TA professionals will come across your question and comment on it.

    I do like the name… it is something that Eric would have come up with too!

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