Two New Photos of Eric Berne

Two new photographs of Dr. Eric Berne are being released. One is a previously released but rarely seen photo of Eric at a poker table holding poker chips. This photograph was featured in the 1970 Life Magazine review of Sex in Human Loving, published posthumously.

Eric Berne at a poker table late 1960s
The second is a previously unreleased photo of Eric courtesy of his step-daughter Janet. It shows Eric, presumed to be in the mid to late 1960s, standing outside next to a building in a suit. He is holding is pipe in his left hand. The location and exact date of this photo is unknown.  There is some minor distortion of the photo but it is still excellent quality!

Eric Berne outside holding his pipe, circa 1960s

We hope everyone enjoys these photographs as much as we do.

New Resource: Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis

Photo of book Clarke's Dictionary of Transactional AnalysisWe just recently received the paperback version of Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis.  This is a 550 page volume organized in dictionary format dedicated to Transactional Analysis and Dr. Eric Berne.  It is quite exhaustive in its scope and covers nearly every topic from the very beginning of TA in Eric Berne’s Carmel home to the state of Transactional Analysis today in our globalized world. The book includes many diagrams and photographs.  The book was published in CD format in 2010 and then made available in paperback form in 2012.

The resource is written by Dr. Susan Legender Clarke who is an Educational Member of the ITAA. The resource is available from her website at The Healing Circle or via

The book is an excellent resource and belongs on every bookshelf for anyone interested in Transactional Analysis.


New Photo and Letter Released from Eric Berne Family Archive

Since the Eric Berne website was first started in 1999, we have been making previously unseen photographs and memorabilia available online.  We are in the process of digitizing many of Eric Berne’s personal photos and memorabilia. We have just released two new items:

Eric Berne at dinner, location and date unknown
The above is a photograph of Eric Berne at dinner with his second wife Dorothy and 4 guests.  The identities of the guests are unknown, as well as the date and location. If anyone has this information, please contact the webmaster. This picture comes directly from the Family Archives.  Clicking on it will yield a very high resolution copy of excellent quality.

Picture of Letter of Announcement of Eric Berne's office in Carmel in 1946. Letter is to his mother.

This is a letter from Eric Berne to his mother, Sara Gordon Bernstein. It is from July 1946 and is announcing the opening of his new practice in Carmel, CA.  Eric left the Army in 1946 and settled into Carmel. At this point his mother was living in New York City.  Note that he had shortened his mother’s name (at least on the address of the letter) to “Berne” from “Bernstein.”  This also comes directly from the Family Archives.  Clicking on it will yield a high resolution copy as well.

All of these photographs and other items can be found on the photo page here.

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Official Eric Berne Facebook Page Launched

We are proud to announce the launch of the official Eric Berne Facebook page.  You can “like” the page in order to receive updates as new photographs, letters, and other material are released from the family archive. You can like the Facebook page by going to the upper right of this page and clicking the Facebook “Like” Button.  Or you can visit the page by going to:

Eric Berne Facebook Page

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Please note that there is another Eric Berne page on Facebook.  That page is NOT affiliated with the family of Eric Berne.  This website along with the new Facebook page above is directly affiliated with and maintained by family members of Eric Berne.

To celebrate the launch of the Facebook page, we recently uncovered Eric Berne’s certificate of Fellowship status in the American Psychiatric Association granted May 19, 1949.  Below is a thumbnail copy. Clicking on it will yield you a high resolution copy.

Eric Berne Diploma of Fellow in American Psychiatric Assoication May 1949

Enjoy! Website Upgrade Complete

The long overdue upgrade of this site to a new platform is finally complete. All of the old content from the previous website has been migrated over. There may be a couple of residual typing mistakes and formatting issues present, but those will be resolved over the next couple of weeks.

Over the next couple of months, additional new content will be added.

Below is a never before seen photo of Lieutenant Eric Berne taken of him likely in 1943.  Please see the photographs page and check back regularly for new photos, drawings, and other memorabilia.

First Lieutenant Eric Berne MD; this was after he shortened his name from Bernstein to Berne